What’s the category? An ESL speaking, listening and thinking activity

What’s the Category?

  • Focus: speaking, listening and analyzing
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Level: intermediate and up

Main Idea

This pair work activity helps ESL students learn English and improve fluency by requiring students to pronounce well and listen intensely. It’s also an inquiry-based learning exercise because it asks student to focus on and answer one essential question, “How are these things related?”

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Learning English with a Walk About

Learning English with a Walk About

Main Idea

This wonderful, student-centred fluency activity generates lots language in the classroom with a good mix of scripted and spontaneous talk. If you’re weary of the traditional oral presentation format – one student speaks for five minutes and 19 others feign attention – yet want to give students a chance to write and speak, this is a must-try activity.

  • Level: high beginner and up
  • Time: 40-90 minutes
  • Resources: each student prepares a poster; teacher brings adhesive tape.

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Learn English Speaking: An Inquiry-based Frame

English Conversation Lesson

This ESL pair work activity helps students learn English by developing speaking, listening and critical thinking skills. Students interact with a specific question and answer format that requires one student to process new information continuously. The objective is for one student to retell the story with accuracy and detail by asking the right kinds of questions.