ESL Fluency Activities

ESL Fluency Activities

Fluency, basically, is an ability to perform a language task faster. Helping ESL students improve language fluency is an important challenge for teachers. Of course most ESL students need to read, speak and write with better accuracy; they also need to perform these communication skills with alacrity. The job of the language teacher, then, is to help students progress to the point where mundane aspects of language production become automatic.

Below are three fluency building activities that can help students improve language processing speeds and, if continued over time, make progress toward the broader goal of automaticity.

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Quick Vocabulary Games


Managing the classroom pace is a skill that good teachers have mastered. Pace is not just about finishing the lesson on time; it’s about managing the flow of information and activities to maximize student interest over the long run.

I’ve learned over the years that student interest can be sustained when lessons are broken up. There is a change in pace. Often, short vocabulary games provide just the right amount of separation and intellectual fresh air. To that end, here are three quick vocabulary activities which provide a measure of good effect in terms of student learning and enthusiasm.

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Podcasts for ESL Students


Here is a short list of podcasts and listening resources I would recommend for any ESL student, intermediate level and up. This list does not include podcasts about grammar or the act of learning English. Hell, who wants to learn English by listening to a podcast about learning English?

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