ESL Student Writing Tips

This image nicely summarizes how ESL students can learn to be better English writers. There are 10 tips to learn English writing skills.



Trivia about Learning and Remembering

Here are some odd bits of information about language learning. My hope is to inspire and motivate students. The information about learning words comes from this useful site.


  • ESL students need to know about 2000 word families to read and understand 85% of the words in general texts.
  • To read a novel, magazine or newspaper, students need about 8000 to 9000 word families.
  • We need to see or hear a word 10 to 50 times in order to learn the word and its meaning. (Waring)


A website from the University of Waterloo suggests how easy it is to forget new material if we do not review.

This graph shows the speed of forgetting. It starts with material that students learn in a one hour university lecture.

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ESL Writing Lesson – Slow Writing

Today’s writing theme is Slow Writing.

Slow writing is a learning tool that encourages students to think about their technique. Often, students are in a rush to write. Or, quite the opposite, they can’t get started because they don’t know where to begin.

Slow writing moves students to concentrate on how to write instead of what to write. This week, let’s try three

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