ESL Conversation Freshmen 2017 Week 4

It’s week 4 of the English class. Time to learn English and get ready for a quiz.

What did we did last week?

  1. finished a few pages from the textbook plus some listening exercises with hedge words (pages 70 and 71)
  2. finished the vocabulary worksheet Alphabet.
  3. looked at the schedule up to the mid term exam
  4. Did some pair work discussion questions with vocab from the textbook (e.g.phrasal verbs)
  5. finished the  activity about telling a story
  6. checked that each student has selected a book for the reading project.


  • Get ready for the quiz which will be after the long holiday (Thursday or Friday next month).

ESL Speaking Hour 1

Intro (10)

  • attendance
  • homework and plan for the week
  • review schedule

Look Like and Like

Last week, some students didn’t know about the three different kinds of like:

  • is like
  • does like
  • look like

Let’s do a short exercise to help everybody remember these very important phrases.

Part 1 ESL Vocabulary Intro (10)

Part 2. Pictures Pair Work (10)

  • Describe what you see in the pictures.
  • What do the people look like?
  • Why might this picture be famous or interesting?

Part 3 Looks Like – a probable action in the future (10)

Look at the picture. Use LOOKS LIKE to describe the things that might happen.

For example:

  • It looks like he might fall down.
  • She looks like she might have an accident.


Hours 2 and 3

Intro (5)

  • attendance
  • homework and plan for the week
  • quiz schedule (Thursday October 12 or Friday October 13 – bad luck day ….)

Quiz #1 Review (20)

Study Paper

Quiz #1 questions will come from this study paper. Not all of the words and questions on this paper will be on the quiz. If you study and learn the correct answers to all of the questions on this paper, you will be prepared for the test.

Part 1. Vocabulary

Write a brief definition for each word. Short sentences are okay. Your definition must be clear and specific. For example: yolk

  • It is the yellow part of an egg. (good)
  • It’s part of an egg. (no good, too general)

The list of words is on this printable study worksheet.

Part 2 Past tense verbs

Write a short, simple past tense question and answer for each verb. For example: drive

  • Where did your mother drive?
  • My mother drove to HomePlus.

Here are the verbs to study for the quiz:

  • Be, see, go, do, come, study, see, wear, buy, make

Part 3 Hedges

  • Write five different hedge words or phrases. Write a sentence for each word or phrase.

Part 4 Relative Clauses

Write 3 sentences with relative clauses. Write one sentence each with these three words:

  • who
  • that
  • where

Part 5 Word Puzzle

Make words from these letters. Can you make five words from each question? Each new word must have at least 3 letters. Use each letter once per word. You must also write the full word.

  1. HEACP

For example:  NDTSTUE

  • Student (full word)
  • Test
  • Nets
  • Tune
  • Tunes
  • End
  • Set


Textbook (40)

Unit 8

preview vocabulary (15)

  1. to spill
  2. to borrow
  3. to lend
  4. to react
  5. a loan
  6. in a bad mood

phrasal verbs

  1. to worry about
  2. to apologize for
  3. to talk to
  4. to think about
  5. to forget about
  6. to pay for

page 78 B-1 (10)

  • read
  • listen
  • read and listen
  • complete exercise B and C (fill in blanks)

page 79 3 (15)

  • I would – I’d
  • check pronunciation of would
  • grammar in pink box
  • write sentences
  • check answers on board
  • pair work Q&A

page 83 2 (10)

  • make Q&A
  • with I’d
  • For example: “I’d spend more reading books and less time on the internet.”

Quick Thinking (20)

Try this speaking activity with your partners. Make a team. Read a question from this ESL speaking activity worksheet. Check how many answers you can make in 60 seconds.

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