ESL Listening – Machu Picchu

This ESL video from National Geographic presents a short story about the tourist trade in Machu Picchu, a famous site in Peru.

Machu Picchu Video

Watch and listen to the video. Then answer the questions. Read the questions below or download the Machu-Picchu-worksheet.

Listening Questions


  • ruins
  • misty
  • fog
  • hordes
  • terraces
  • capitalize
  • cramped
  • stalls
  • grandeur


  1. What is the nickname of this place?
  2. How high up in the Andes Mountains is it?
  3. What is special about this place?
  4. When was it built?
  5. Why is Machu Picchu important to Peru?
  6. Who visits this place?
  7. When was Machu Picchu rediscovered?
  8. What happens now every day?
  9. What do locals sell to tourists?
  10. How do local people capitalize on Machu Picchu’s popularity?
  11. Today, the nickname does not seem like a good name anymore. Why not?

1 thought on “ESL Listening – Machu Picchu”

  1. Is it possible to get the script? I can’t I think my students have to see the text in order to get the full meaning.

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