ESL Speaking Fall 2018 W1

Welcome to the English conversation class, Fall 2018. 

Hour 1

  1. 5 x 5 Grid – meet other class mates (20 min)
  2. Syllabus and resources (15)
  3. ESL conversation questions to practice English speaking (25 min)



  1. review the ESL conversation syllabus (e.g. book, grades, etc)
  2. extra resources

Extra Resources

Hour 2

  1. Pair work vocabulary. Learn the words for everyday objects. (15)
  2. Picture dictation. Describe pictures. Your partner listens and draws exactly we you say. Key point: speak in detail with good prepositions. (20)
  3. Nine letter challenge. How may words can you make with these letters? (10)

Hour 3

  1. attendance (5)
  2. Sound and Sort b – a speaking and thinking activity (15)
  3. Odd one out – a thinking and speaking activity (15). This activity looks simple at first, but requires some imagination and analysis in order to get the best learning experience. Try harder and you will be rewarded with something good – you will learn (a good motto for everything in life).
  4. prepositional phrases worksheet (15)
  5. talk about book report project (15)


  • get textbook
  • bet pencil and notebooks
  • find a dictionary

Next Week

  • textbook unit 7 A and B


Extra Materials

Vocabulary and puzzle worksheet. Work with a partner to answer the questions.

It’s a quick reading exercise and fast vocabulary development exercise. Answering quickly is key.