ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W1

Welcome to the writing class, fall 2018.

Hour 1

Quick review of syllabus (10)

Before and After (35).

  • We can measure writing improvement. A one-semester writing activity that allows teachers and students to see proof of improvement without using a test.

Think you know compound words?

Hour 2

Here is the first long writing assignment of the class. (40)

Homework – read this short story: Death by Scrabble.

Next class be ready to:

  • describe basic plot
  • describe how the story builds slowly
  • give two examples of of how the writer uses mystery to create interest
  • say if like the story??


  • Silent, free writing (10)
  • Thoughts about writing. (15)
  • The First Sentence  A three-part writing lesson that shows students different ways to open a story with a creative first sentence.
  • Here are the picture prompts.

Hour 3

Attendance (5)

  1. Finish writing first draft of Creative Story (based on one picture, write an interesting first sentence)
  2. Nothing to do? Try some an editing exercise– question #1). Get the answers on this Learn English Writing worksheet.


Extra Vocabulary Worksheets

This vocabulary worksheet has some word exercise and logic puzzles.