ESL Speaking Fall 2018 W3

Welcome to week 3 of the semester.

Extra Resources


  • Book report due last class of week 5
  • Finish 12 online listening activities by week 13
  • Consultations – book your appointment
  • Rob’s office hours (MON 12-2PM, TUES 1-2,  THURS 1-2, AND MON-THURS 8-8:30am)


Hour 1

What did we did last week? (5)

  1. finished a couple of page 66-67 from the textbook plus some listening exercises
  2. learned some textbook words, such as convenient and hot right now
  3. did a quick review of three clauses: relative clause, dependent clause and independent clause

Small Group Discussion (25)

Don’t forget the two golden rules:

  • full and proper sentences
  • follow up questions

Get the conversation questions on this worksheet.

money puzzle worksheet (15)

Homework (5)

Your homework is to read a short story.

During the 3rd hour of our class, we will make small groups. Each person will have a different story.

Your job will be 2:

  • retell the story – keep all the best parts (1-2 minutes)
  • no reading – remember (but you can read some notes)
  • conclude with a message – what can we learn from the story
  • the other people in your group will ask at least one question per person

Here are the reading stories for this ESL speaking activity.

Hour 2

textbook (45)

vocabulary (5)

  • hedges
  • look forward to
  • lose touch
  • get back in touch

page 70 Conversation #1 (10)

  • read conversation
  • listen
  • read and listen

page 71 listening #3 (15)

  • look forward to – what does that mean?
  • listen once and fill in blanks
  • listen again – what does he look forward to?

page 73 listening #2 (10)

  • friends lose touch – what does that mean?
  • listen once and fill in blanks
  • listen again – what did he lose touch with his old friends?

page 74 vocabulary (15)

  • pair work with dictionary
  • define phrases
  • box in top right corner
  • #1 and #2 and #3

Hour 3

Maze Puzzle (5)

Can you solve this puzzle?

Small group activity (20)

  • retell short stories and messages
  • Q&A

Other (10)


Quick Review (10)

Find the mice. Describe locations with prepositions of location