Business English Y2018 W2

Welcome to the second ESL business class. 


You should have the book by now. It is called Business Plus Student Book 1. Here is a link for the audio files: book audio files.

Hour 1

Warm Up

Let’s practice short conversations with past tense questions and answers.

Here are 30 important verbs. For each verb make a past tense question and answer with your partner.

This exercise has 2 steps.

Step 1 (10 min)

Look at the verbs. Say the past tense form of each verb. Which verbs are regular (have ED in the past tense form) and which are irregular verbs (no ED)?

Step 2 (20 min)

Make a past tense question and answer with each verb. Be sure to ask a follow up question.


  • eat
  • What did you eat yesterday?
  • I ate chicken and sweet potatoes yesterday.


Hour 2 BE verb

You have to know how to use the BE verb.

Simple present tense BE verb (5)

  • I am, He is, She is, it is, You are , they are, We are

Make a sentence with each of these. For example

  1. I am a buyer.
  2. He is tall.
  3. She is kind.
  4. It is a large company.
  5. You are beside me.
  6. We are busy.
  7. They are at school.

Pair Work (15)

  • Each student makes a sentence with 7 phrases.
  • Check some student sentences.

BE Verb Worksheets (20)

Short conversations (10)

  • work with a partner
  • look at the pictures
  • ask partner questions
  • partner answers
  • switch


Hour 3

Quick Grammar Check 

Say 5 examples for each of these: (10 min)

  • noun, verb, adjective, adverb, phrase


Writing and Speaking (20 min)

Write a short self introduction about work. Maybe 5 or 6  sentences.

We will practice next week.

  • This will be a question on the midterm exam.



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