ESL Speaking Fall 2018 W5

It’s week 5 of the semester and time to submit your book report. Papers please.

Hour 1

New Information (5)


  • Please continue to practice listening with the online listening lessons
  • Next week you will have a quiz.
  • Remember book reports: no late papers and no reports sent through the email.

Office Hours

My office hours have changed. The new times are as follows:

  • Tuesday 1-2
  • Thursday 1-4

About Quiz #1

  • It’s 10% of your final score.
  • It’s mostly vocabulary.
  • It’s going to be next week Wednesday/Thursday.
  • It’s going to be about 30 minutes.

Quiz Review (40)

The quiz will be a written test. I will plan on 30 minutes but some people will probably finish faster than that.

The quiz will have 5 parts. These are the practice questions. The quiz will have some of these questions, not all of them.

If you want to print these questions, get the MS Word file.

Part 1 Word Lists

Read the question and write a list of answers. Spelling is important.

Write three:

  1. pairs of homophones
  2. verbs with two syllables
  3. words with the prefix im
  4. pairs of synonyms
  5. words with a silent b
  6. words that rhyme with glove
  7. vegetables with double consonants in the spelling
  8. words that rhyme with aisle
  9. kinds of nuts


Part 2 Short Definitions

Read the question and write short answer. Spelling is important.

What’s the difference between:

  • a semester and a syllabus?
  • convenient and comfortable?
  • soup and porridge?
  • a verb and a phrasal verb?


Part 3 Vocabulary List

Know the 40 words on the vocabulary worksheet from Week 2 (the last page).

You might be asked to write a short definition for a few of these words. For example:

  • cheese: a salty food made from milk
  • bean sprout: a long, thin, white vegetable with a yellow head


Part 4 From the Textbook

  1. Write five sentences to hedge an idea. Check page 70 in the textbook.
  2. Write a one sentence answer with a relative clause to describe a person, place or thing from a list of words. Check page 67 in the book. Here are some sample questions:
  • library, pharmacy, temple
  • squash porridge, pork belly, grilled clams
  • teacher, nurse, volunteer


Part 5 Word Scramble

You will see a list of words. The letters have been mixed up. Move the letters and make a word. Use all the letters. Do not add any new letters.

word scramble 2

Hour 2

Text Book, Page 73 #2 (15)

  • Read first part and add a few more ideas.
  • Listen 2 times.

Page 73 #3 – Quick Conversation both and neither (5)

  • answer 5 questions with partner (not writing)
  • try to use BOTH OF US and NEITHER OF US in your answers

Page 74 review (10)

  • complete 1, 2 and 3 to review phrasal verbs


Pair Work Fluency Drill (15)

This speaking activity helps build fluency by forcing you to remember lots of words in a short period of time.

Here is the speaking worksheet for this activity.


  • get 2-3 partners.
  • get a stop watch ready on your phone
  • ask a question and count the number of correct answers in 60 seconds
  • keep score and find a winner


Hour 3

Make a Story (20)

This is a jigsaw story making activity that will help you create good sentences and build your memory.

Step 1

  • work with a partner and make a story with your pictures
  • each person should write the story

Step 2

  • practice telling your story with your partner

Step 3

  • make a new group 
  • each person should have a different story
  • tell your story and try not to read it
  • make the story from memory
  • the other people in the group must ask a total of 5 W-H questions 

Here are the pictures.


Listen, Remember and Think (25)

Listen to this old children’s story. Can you remember the details?

Part 1 (5)

Do a quick review of vocabulary.

Part 2 (5)

Listen to the story and answer T-F questions.

Part 4 (15)

Answer discussion questions in small groups.



Worksheet about Books (15)

Here are some puzzles and word games related to the topic of books. Get the puzzle worksheet here.