ESL Speaking: Sentence Game

This is a fun, fast-paced ESL speaking game for an English class. This English speaking activity uses videos as prompts for students to shout out answers based on what they see.

ESL Sentence Game Rules

  1. Make teams.
  2. One person from each team stands.
  3. Show short clip from video. Pause video.
  4. Student shouts out sentence to describe action.
  5. One point for first correct answer.
  6. Change players.
  7. Show next clip. Repeat.

ESL Video 1

This ESL video can be used by students to make past tense sentences.

Dad’s Day Out (Weetabix) from DTan on Vimeo.

ESL Video 2

This ESL video about a motel company works well if you ask students to describe what the person looks like. For example, “He has a beard”, or “She is wearing a hat.”  You could also ask a more general question like, “What do you see?”

Motel from DTan on Vimeo.

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