ESL Teaching Materials: Conversation Ideas

ESL Teaching Materials

ESL conversation activities provide students with opportunities to learn English by using the language. These ESL teaching materials use a pair work format to help students learn and practice English reading, speaking and listening skills.

1 Trivia Game

My high beginner+ students love playing trivia. I usually plan on a 20-minute activity, but most students want to play for the whole 50-minute period.

Click here to get a sample pack with 48 trivia questions.

Divide the class into teams (two people per team). One team competes against another. This format helps to ensure everybody participates.

Copy question pages for each team. Students take turns asking and answering questions. The questions are ranked from 1 to 3 points. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the session.

2. Logic Puzzles and Word Games

Logic puzzles and word games focus student attention on reading comprehension and problem solving. Most puzzles in this sample pack range from easy to challenging for intermediate+ students with a couple of tough ones for the advanced kids.

Copy sheets for the class, one page per pair of students. The challenge is not just to solve the problems, but to explain the answers.

3. Double Meaning Words

Here’s a 15-minute word game for high beginner+ students with a twist.

Divide students into pairs. Give each student an A or B worksheet. Each page has 8 different homographs (words that sound the same but have 2 or more meanings).

Students write down one definition for each word on their list. Then they read a word and definition. The partner listens and gives a different definition for the same word. Students write down the words and meanings on the worksheet.

Get the homograph printable worksheets here.

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