ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W10

It’s week 10 of the ESL writing class.  Time to think about analogies and a hypothesis sentence pattern.

Hour 1

Quick Review of last Week (5)

  • parts of an argument
  • arguments are everywhere, especially advertising (e.g. electric cars or ketchup)
  • summarized argument from a short video – less stuff, more happiness


Hour 1

Next Class

Next hour, we will start Writing #2. That helps you understand and write a hypothesis sentence pattern.



In this hour, we will learn a new writing skill. You will learn to understand and use analogies.

Slide Show (10)


Pair Work Practice Exercise #1 (20)

Open the worksheet and read the metaphors and similes. 

Pair Work Practice Exercise #2 (10)

Here is a clip from a famous movie, Dead Poet’s Society.

  1. Watch the clip.
  2. Find the analogy (metaphor or simile?).
  3. Paraphrase the meaning.
  4. The poem ends with a question. What is your answer to that question.


Extra Practice (10)

These videos contain arguments that use analogies. Use them as quick tests to check student understanding of analogies in practice. These videos are suitable for high intermediate+ plus classes.

For each, we might ask two questions:

  1. What’s the argument or message in the video?
  2. How does an analogy support the argument?

Direct TV

My Boyfriend and Obama

Pizza and Wealth Redistribution


Hours 2 and 3

Here we learn a sentence pattern that helps us express clear ideas in the form of a hypothesis.

This link has the exercises.

It also describes writing activity #2.  



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