ESL Writing Freshmen 2017 Week 3

It’s week 3 of the English writing class. Time to learn about and perfect complex sentences.


What did we do last week?

  • looked at the problem of wordy sentences
  • completed two worksheets: redundant words and expletives (empty phrases like there is and there are)
  • learned about the concept of voice (drew 2 pictures)
  • started writing #2: the rafting story (add voice)
  • rewrite #1: creative story (based on a picture, key point: write a great first sentence)

This Week

  • learn a new writing skill – complex sentences
  • start a new writing exercise
  • review the class schedule
  • rewrite stories #1 and #2
  • some people need to come to my office to get feedback (time is a little short in class)

Writing Class Schedule

Let’s take a look at the next few weeks so we can plan our time well.

Week 3 Sept 18-22

  • learn about complex sentences
  • start writing assignment #3, man and boat narrative, first person perspective
  • complete rewrite of #1 and #2

Week 4 Sept 25-29

  • start writing assignment #4 – Howl video, story summary and message (last long story assignment before the mid term exam)
  • handout quiz review questions
  • quiz #1 is after Chuseok holiday

Week 5 Oct 2-6

  • Monday Oct 2 is a holiday?
  • Chuseok holiday week

Week 6 Oct 9-13

  • Monday Oct 9 is a holiday, so no class
  • quiz #1 on Thursday/Friday
  • finish last draft of stories #1 and #2
  • better verbs, Tiny Story video and writing assignment (Tuesday only)

Week 7 Oct 16-20

  • complete rewrite of stories #3 (man and boat) and #4 (Howl summary and analysis)
  • learn about noun modifiers
  • write a summary (read a short story and summarize)
  • mid term exam review – review test questions in class
  • return quiz #1
  • make test time table (if possible Monday/Tuesday)

Week 8 Oct 23-27

  • mid term exam, written test
  • no classes this week

Hours 1 and 2

Intro (15)

  • attendance
  • review
  • schedule

Student Writing (10)

Here are some examples of student writing from assignments #1 and #2.

Although there are many good examples, I didn’t have time to write them all here. Sorry about that.

Monday class …

“The river gave me a great gift that I will never forget.” (interesting first sentence)

“When the rafting was finished, I wanted to ride again.” (shows me how much she liked it)

“Because of heavy rain, the water was deep and the waves were strong.” (nice parallel structure)

“I fervently prayed to God, “Please let it rain for me.” (shows me she doesn’t want to go rafting)

Tuesday class …

“I’m blind and I’m on the road hitchhiking.” (interesting first sentence, combination of two odd ideas)

“Today was meant to be a happy day. It was my wedding and all of the people were congratulating me and my partner, no my husband. The reason I’m saying ‘meant to be’ is me and my husband don’t love each other.” (a surprise by putting two odd things together)

“Suddenly, my partner rushed to the desk, gathered all of the papers, took my hand and rushed out of the house.” (nice parallel structure, a long sentence with continuous action)

What are some common writing problems so far?

In rafting story …

  • some people just copied the base story and didn’t add very much
  • some people did not write about the actual rafting trip (nothing to say about the adventure while rafting)
  • some people did not think about the base story – some parts had to be moved or removed
  • not enough details
  • not enough paragraphs

I was excited about going. It would be the best day of the summer. We were going to go rafting. My mother, father, brother, and sister got to go. They were excited, too. My dad knew a lot about rafting. This would be neat. When we got to the river, it looked big. The water was moving fast. I was scared. It turned out to be fun. We ate sandwiches and drank pop. I wore a life jacket and got wet.

It was the best thing I did all summer.

Complex sentences introduction and practice (20)

Here is a three part learning activity.

Writing assignment #3 (45)

This writing assignment is challenging. You have to do many different things.

Click here to get the ESL writing lesson plan details.

Hour 3

Intro (15)

  • attendance
  • review

Complete writing

  • rewrite 2nd or 3rd draft of assignments #1 (creative story) and #2 (rafting)
  • finish #3 (boat and goat narrative)

Nothing to do?

Parallel Structure

Try these practice questions and check your ability to write sentences with parallel structure.

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