ESL Conversation Freshmen 2017 Week 3

It’s week 3 of the English class. Time to learn that English story.

What did we did last week?

  1. finished a few pages from the textbook plus some listening exercises
  2. learned some textbook words, such as convenient and hot right now
  3. learned new verbs by changing looking at some easy nouns, like hog, book and sandwich
  4. did a quick review of three clauses: relative clause, dependent clause and independent clause
  5. did a fluency activity with 30 verbs worksheet and past tense questions and answers


There was homework for this week,. Each student had to listen to and learn an English short story. That was to prepare for a group work activity this week.

This Week

  1. units 7 and 8 from the textbook
  2. word hunt worksheet (quick vocabulary recall)
  3. The Alphabet word puzzle worksheet
  4. group activity – talking about stories and messages
  5. ask about the name of your reading book



Let’s take a look at the next few weeks so we can plan our time well.

Week 3 Sept 18-22

  • select book for book report #1 (5% of final grade)
  • tell me the name of your book
  • start unit 8 in textbook
  • complete group work story telling exercise Thursday/Friday

Week 4 Sept 25-29

  • handout quiz review questions
  • quiz #1 is after Chuseok holiday
  • complete unit 8 in textbook

Week 5 Oct 2-6

  • Monday Oct 2 is a holiday?
  • Chuseok holiday week

Week 6 Oct 9-13

  • Monday Oct 9 is a holiday, so no class
  • quiz on Thursday/Friday

Week 7 Oct 16-20

  • mid term exam review
  • practice test questions in class
  • return quiz #1
  • make test time table
  • book report due Thursday/Friday

Week 8 Oct 23-27

  • mid term exam
  • speaking test
  • no classes this week

ESL Speaking Hour 1

Intro (10)

  • attendance
  • homework and plan for the week
  • check short story homework
  • review schedule

group discussion (20)

Don’t forget the two golden rules:

  • full and proper sentences
  • follow up questions
  1. Have you ever broken up with someone? What happened?
  2. What’s the worst way to break up with someone?
  3. Did you ever sign up for an academy class that was better than you expected?
  4. Do you want to settle down? Why or why not? (Use a relative clause to make an answer.)
  5. Who is your best friend? How did you meet?
  6. What is your best friend like? (Use a relative clause to make an answer.)
  7. What does your best friend like?
  8. What do you have in common with your best friend?
  9. Are you the kind of person who enjoys meeting new people?
  10. Do you have any specific career plans?
  11. What’s the difference between convenient and comfortable? Give examples.
  12. When it is a good idea to use hedge expressions? When is it a good idea to not hedge?
  13. Have you ever met a boyfriend/girlfriend through a friend? What happened?

alphabet worksheet (15)

Hours 2 and 3

Intro (5)

  • attendance

small group activity (25)

  • discuss short story and message
  • Q&A

textbook (45)

vocabulary (5)

  • hedges
  • look forward to
  • lose touch
  • get back in touch

page 70 Conversation #1 (10)

  • read conversation
  • listen
  • read and listen

page 70 Conversation #2 pair work (5)

  • make sentences softer with hedges

page 71 listening #3 (15)

  • look forward to – what does that mean?
  • listen once and fill in blanks
  • listen again – what does he look forward to?

page 73 listening #2 (10)

  • friends lose touch – what does that mean?
  • listen once and fill in blanks
  • listen again – what did he lose touch with his old friends?

Other (10)