Failure Breeds Success

A post about failure.

Where I work, students are taught mistakes should be avoided. Mistakes are bad. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Korean students fear errors. They learn it’s better to not try than to try and fail.

That’s a terrible attitude, especially when learning English as a foreign language.It’s an especially harmful attitude when learning how to write English.

As the semester starts, I’m going to teach my students an important lesson. I’m going to teach them that mistakes are good. I’m fighting years of mental programming, brainwashing and cultural differences. Yes, it’s a battle, but it is a just one.

And the battle for minds starts with this Nike TV commercial.

It’s a little corny, to be sure. And yes, the cult of personality is obvious. But I like the message, and the form of the message. Maybe it is a style which my students will be able to relate to.


Photo by Illustir

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