Compare and Contrast ESL Exercise: Coke Video

Here is a short video that can help ESL students to learn English. The video can be part of a lesson to teach English speaking or writing with an emphasis on comparisons and contrasts. It can be used also to develop vocabulary by encouraging students to use different types of verbs.

Teach English with Videos

The coke ad.


Learn About The Brain

Do you know how the brain works?

Do you know what a brain looks like? Here is an English video lesson which provides a fascinating look at the brain and how it works.

This video lesson answers these questions … with a twist.

Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist who had a stroke. In this 20-minute presentation, we get the insider’s perspective on how the brain works and what happens when the brain shuts down.  Her description of right brain-left brain functions is useful for teachers, as is her presentation of a real human brain.  I didn’t know it looked like that.

Sit back and enjoy because her presentation is remarkable.

Informative. Wonderful.  Inspirational.


ESL Listening – Copy

I don’t know what to think of this ESL listening video.  It’s not a highly educational lesson, though it does teach ESL listening students how to hear and pronounce a single word.

ESL Listening Skills

The video does have great style: think Japanese punk fused with cool animation and a single thought. Definitely, a 1 minute diversion for the English class when you need a break from other listening skills activities. Think Friday afternoon fun.

“COPY” Official Videoclip from yasudatakahiro on Vimeo.

Failure Breeds Success

A post about failure.

Where I work, students are taught mistakes should be avoided. Mistakes are bad. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Korean students fear errors. They learn it’s better to not try than to try and fail.

That’s a terrible attitude, especially when learning English as a foreign language.

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