Basic Writing: Week 1

Learn English Writing

Welcome to the writing class. Here is the teaching plan for this week.

Purpose of Writing Class

A short description of what makes good writing. These are the skills we will learn and practice in the English writing class.

Here is a pdf link.


Here is the syllabus for the English writing class. It describes the purpose of the class, the grading and other important matters.

Writing Activities

1 Writing tools. Get a quick review of the words and phrases we need to know when writing and giving feedback.

2 Before and After: measuring writing improvement. A one-semester writing activity that allows teachers and students to see proof of improvement without using a test.

3 Word Choice and sentence fluency: the expanding sentence. A quick ESL writing activity to help students notice how easy it is to add more details to a sentence.

4 The First Sentence. A three-part writing lesson that shows students different ways to open a story with a creative first sentence.

5 Add voice. We learned about the concept of adding voice to make a story more interesting. Here is a chance to put that knowledge into practice. Check out the writing exercise about a rafting trip.


Initial Feedback on Writing

I quickly reviewed the students’ summary of a video about a boy and dog. Here are a few comments.

The story starts with a boy who is playing a video game.

There is a boy who is playing a game alone.

The video’s main character is a boy.

These sentences are okay. The grammar is good but what’s the main idea?

The first sentence is important. It should make the reader want to read more. The first sentence needs to be interesting. This is my idea:

Here’s a story about a dog that teaches a boy an important lesson about life.