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ESL Vocabulary Games

Teaching English vocabulary does not have to be a chore. Sometimes, a few short fun games can enliven the class mood and transform the learning process into an enjoyable experience.

That’s the aim of these two vocabulary games. None are meant to be full classroom lessons. They are 10 minute language learning activities that offer a change of pace or provide a language focused activity when you need to fill a 10 minute gap.

1. Vocabulary Pair Work: Anagrams

Here is an anagram word puzzle worksheet. Anagrams are word puzzles.

Instructions: Add a letter, then move the letters to make a word that matches the clue.

The answers are below:

1. seat
2. trail
3. teach
4. study
5. list
6. steal
7. steam
8. break
9. west
10. beard
11. about
12. army
13. least
14. manager

2. Letter Box

Display the grid on this worksheet or draw a 3 x 3 box on the whiteboard. Write these letters in the boxes, one letter per cell:

e t a
g s t
i h p

Instructions for students:

  1. Make words with the 9 letters in the box.
  2. Use the letter T in each word; at the start, in
    the middle or at the end of a word.
  3. Use each letter once per word.
  4. Do not use other letters.
  5. Each word must have at least two letters.

Optional Activity

As a review, display the worksheet and ask students to fill in the blanks with the correct word. Each answer can be made with the letters in the box.


Suggested words from the nine letters in the box can be found on the attached answer sheet as well as answers for the fill in the blank questions. The nine letters in the box make the word spaghetti.


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