City Hall Training: Week 2

This is week 2 of our City Hall training program.

Last week, we did many things.

  1. practiced speaking with clarity and reasons with the word exercise
  2. learned about thesis and hypothesis sentences
  3. reviewed data about food, explained patterns and tried to generate a hypothesis and thesis sentence


Today we begin a series of lessons that will help you think and speak more clearly, logically and precisely.

This is the beginning of our lesson on critical thinking.

  1. The first step in that learning is to understand arguments.
  2. The second step for today is to understand the difference between facts and inferences.


Here is a quick exercise to understand inferences. Look at this photo.

Read these statements and mark, true, false or can’t answer.

  1. This is graduation day for the Thomas family.
  2. The father is proud of his son.
  3. The sister looks up to her brother.
  4. This is a prosperous family.
  5. The son has just graduated from law school.



  1. the greater the explicit thinking under pressure, the greater the chance for failure
  2. the more experience we have, the less likely we are to panic under pressure
  3. the more powerful the stereotype threat under pressure, the greater the chance for failure
  4. the more we second guess under pressure, the less we use our intuition
  5. sometimes the harder students work, the greater the chance for failure


Understanding panic, choke and stereotype threats is important because it helps us find and possibly resolve the real reasons for failure. Panic is failure caused by a lack of thinking. Panic occurs when inexperienced people are in stressful situations and lose short term memory.

Choking is failure caused by too much thinking. In stressful situations that require mental or physical smoothness. By thinking too much, we perform below our abilities.

Stereotype threat is a kind of pressure. In situations where people’s actions confirm a negative aspect of a group, people tend to think too much to avoid failure.

Failure can also be traced back to the test environment if it reinforces stereotype threats, Consider, for example, the impact on a poor student if a math teacher says to the class, “I’m sure you already learned this in a math academy.”

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