City Hall CT 1

This Friday we will start the first of a few lessons to improve your critical thinking.

Conversation and Critical Thinking Lessons

  • Week 1: Arguments
  • Week 2: Fallacies of Relevance
  • Week 3: Fallacies of Insufficient Evidence
  • Week 4: Analogies and Review
  • Week 5: Case Study
  • Week 6: Critical Thinking Test 

This Week’s Lessons

Today we begin a series of lessons that will help you think and speak more clearly, logically and precisely.

This is the beginning of our lesson on critical thinking.

  1. The first step in that learning is to understand arguments.
  2. The second step for today is to understand the difference between facts and inferences.

Inference and Facts

Here is a quick exercise to understand inferences. Look at this photo.

Read these statements and mark, true, false or can’t answer.

  1. This is graduation day for the Thomas family.
  2. The father is proud of his son.
  3. The sister looks up to her brother.
  4. This is a prosperous family.
  5. The son has just graduated from law school.

City Hall Business English: Features and Benefits


The purpose of this class is to learn and apply two business concepts: features and benefits.

Sometimes these two words are confused by students. Some people think they are the same thing. But in fact they are very different.

  • Feature: an observable quality about a product or service. This is a description of the thing. Features talk about the technical aspects of a product.
  • Benefit: the good thing (advantage) which consumers can get if they buy the product of service. The value. Benefits answer this question: What’s in it for me? The benefits can be tangible (e.g. the hole in the wall made by a drill) or intangible (e.g. emotional).

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