City Hall Training: Week 4

This is week 4 of the professional training program that helps municipal employees learn and improve English conversation skills.


We’re back from a long holiday, so it’s a good time to review our conversation class progress and future actions.

  • Week 1: Introduction, thesis and hypothesis sentence patterns
  • Week 2: Arguments
  • Week 3: Chuseok holiday
  • Week 4: Fallacies of Relevance
  • Week 5: Holiday
  • Week 6: Fallacies of Insufficient Evidence
  • Week 7: Analogies and Review
  • Week 8: Case Study
  • Week 9: Critical Thinking Test


During our last class, we learned five key concepts that are necessary for any kind intelligent discussion. They are also the basic tools of critical thinking.

Can you explain each of these concepts and give an example?

  1. argument
  2. claim
  3. premise
  4. inference
  5. fact

This week, we will build on that knowledge. We will explore many different kinds of arguments and find the logical mistakes. These mistakes are called fallacies.


Watch and listen to these short videos. What is the argument in each commercial? What is the logical fallacy?

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