Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of our class English conversation class. Time flies.

ESL Conversation

Plan for this Week

ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

1 Pair Work Vocabulary Review (15)

Here are some words. For each word you and a partner do 3 things:

  1. Make a question with HAVE YOU EVER  …? or DO YOU EVER …? and the correct verb.
  2. Describe the equipment that you need for this activity.

Here is an example

  • Swimming
  • Do you ever go swimming?
  • You need a swimming pool, swimming cap and a bathing suit.


bowling  –  badminton

soccer  –  curling

jigsaw puzzles  –  yoga

windsurfing  –  martial arts

magic tricks – board games

pilates  –  fishing


Grammar page 47 #4, too and enough (10)

  • too much = non countable
  • too many = countable
  • enough = sufficient

Read box,  fill in blanks, and check answers


Made With and Made From (20)

Talking about food and other things we sometimes use these phrases. They have different meanings. Let;s understand how to use MADE WITH and MADE FROM correctly.

Click here to get the lesson made with and made from.

We will do Part A today and Part B (review next class).

Hour 2

Page 47 #3 (10)

Read, RWL and shadow


Page 49 #3 Listening (10)

Listen and choose the correct answers.


Page 50, read short stories (10)

Read stories and fill in blanks on page 51


Page 144 A and B, extra practice (10)

Fill in blanks with food and shopping words.


Dictogloss (15)


Hour 3

Made With and Made From (15)

Part B review with printed worksheets.


Fluency Drill #1 TOO (10)

Here are some words. Make questions so that your partner answers with TOO (remember too much, too many, too plus adjective)

  1. polluted/Beijing
  2. eat/cookies
  3. swim/people
  4. kimchi/spicy
  5. espresso/bitter
  6. movie/busy
  7. walk/yellow dust
  8. barbecued pork/full
  9. library/noisy
  10. baseball game/boring


Fluency Drill #2 How much and How many (10)

Look at the pictures on this slide.

You ask your partner one question per picture with HOW MUCH  or HOW MANY.

Your partner answers.

Then change. Your partner asks a different question for the same pictures. You answer.


Puzzles (15)

Here is a vocabulary game and puzzle worksheet about sport and activities.


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