Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 13

It’s week 13 of the semester. Next week, we will prepare for the final exam, which is a speaking test.

ESL Conversation Activities

Plan for this Week

Hour 1

1 Pair Work Vocabulary Review (15)

Let’s review some vocabulary that we used over the past few weeks.

This activity is called Say 4. This activity is good for students because it helps with fluency and vocabulary recall.


You need a partner and a stopwatch.

  • Ask a question
  • Your partner has 20 seconds to say 4 examples.
  • Quickly move on to the next partner and next question.


Textbook page 54 (10)

Read, RWL and Shadow. Notice the use of 2 future tense verbs:

  • going to 
  • will


WILL and GOING TO – What’s the difference? (10)


Textbook, page 55 #2 (10)

Fill in blanks.


Hour 2

Textbook, page 55 #3 (10)

Listen to the story 2 times. Fill in the blanks


Do or Make? (10)

Here is a quick introduction that helps explain how to use these very common verbs in collocations.


Do or Make – Part 2 (10)

Work with a partner. Create a list of collocations. Get 8 collocations with DO and 10 with MAKE.

Let’s review in small groups.


Textbook, page 56 (10)

Read the text and fill in the blanks with DO or MAKE.

Listen to the story. Listen for the collections with DO or MAKE.


Hour 3

Pair Work Fluency (10)

What’s different? Describe the differences in the pictures.


Small Group Puzzle (10)

Read the clues and together and solve the puzzle.


Word Puzzle #1 (10)

Here is a word game.

Make as many words as possible in 3 minutes with these letters. There are some rules.


Word Puzzle #2 (10)

These questions are anagrams.




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