Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 4

ESL Conversation

Welcome to week 4 of our class English conversation class. This week is the deadline for your book report – last class of the month.

Plan for this Week

  • vocabulary review
  • ESL conversation activities
  • book report – next week hand in your written report
  • Touchstone online listening files


ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

1 Quick Conversation (20)

Have a nice conversation with your partner. The questions are divided into two parts.

Part 1 Use these questions.

  1. Do you have a part-time job?
  2. What do you like doing on weeknights?
  3. Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
  4. What kinds of movies have you been watching recently?
  5. Did you have a good time last weekend?
  6. Were you planning on going to a special place to see the cherry blossoms?

Part 2 Make long and correct questions with these words.

Have you ever …

  1. break up with a partner
  2. climb a mountain
  3. eat strange food
  4. sleep in a tent
  5. have stitches
  6. bite by an animal

2 Vocabulary Worksheet Review (10)

Last week, I gave you a worksheet which had many word questions on it. Spend 10 minutes with your partner comparing answers.

3 What’s a superlative? (5)

This activity helps students understand a useful grammar point: present perfect. For most students, this will be a quick review of a simple grammar point.

Superlative Pair Work Practice? (20)

This ESL activity helps students practice writing, speaking and listening fluency.

Part A

  • make small groups 3-4 people
  • in your team, make 8-10 questions AND ANSWERS – with the superlative form
  • each person writes down the questions and answers in their own notebook

Part B

  • everybody then makes a new team with different team members
  • read your questions – the other people listen and answer
  • other students answer your questions with sentences in the superlative form


Hour 2

1 Textbook, page 12 A (15)

Practice listening with these 4 stories

  • Read
  • Read While Listening (RWL)
  • Shadowing (whispering)

Answer questions at bottom of page 12

2 Textbook, page 13 Grammar (10)

Fill in the blanks.

Notice BEEN and GONE.

3 Textbook, page 14 Grammar (10)

  • present perfect vs past tense
  • What’s the difference?

Fill in the blanks

4 Trick Questions with Yes-No Answers (15)

This is a vocabulary review that looks like a story telling activity. 

Step 1: review slides and examples


Step 2: students write negative questions

  • student work in pairs
  • write 5-9 negative questions

Step 3: jigsaw

  • jigsaw and ask questions to new partner and asking follow up questions to make sure the answers are correct
  • switch roles listen and answer

Hour 3

1 Fluency Activity (10)

This will be the third time to use this activity in class. Same as before. 

2 Saying Numbers (10)

This multi step activity helps ESL students learn English number pronunciation. The first step is to cover the basic patterns.

Step 1: Review basic number patterns on board helping students notice the importance of commas.

  • 10, 100, 1000
  • 10,000
  • 100,000
  • 1,000,000

Step 2 Practice reading numbers in textbook

  • ask students to work in pairs and read the number on 2 pages
  • page 22 and 24
  • read a few examples with whole class

3 Part 2: Pair Work Crazy Numbers (20)

This pair work activity helps students practice speaking and hearing a variety of numbers.

  • students work in pairs
  • one person asks a question
  • partner makes a crazy answer with a number on his/her worksheet
  • review different types of questions: open ended and YES-NO
  • get the ESL worksheets here
  • debrief for 10 minutes with whole class

 4 Book Report

Hand in those books reports.




Hour 3

1 Tell a Short Story (15)

This is a vocabulary review that looks like a story telling activity. 

  • go to page 24 B 1 in textbook
  • students look at geography words at top of page
  • each students takes turns
  • pick one word then tell a 15 second
  • the story should show how the word is connected to the student in some way
  • each students does 4-5 words
  • teacher does models the speaking activity with whole class



Bonus Discussion Question

  • 30 Verbs: Look at the words on this vocabulary worksheet. Practice making past tense questions and answers with your partner. (15 min)
  • Word Puzzles: read the questions on the worksheet and write the answers. (10 min)

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