Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 3

ESL Conversation

Welcome to the third week of our class English conversation class. By the way, what do you see in the image? Is that a lake?

Plan for this Week

  • vocabulary review
  • ESL conversation activities
  • book report summary – basic outline
  • Touchstone online listening files


ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

1 Vocabulary Warmer – 20 Questions (15)

Today’s vocabulary review is a worksheet. Work with a partner and answer the questions. It should take about 10 minutes to answer all of the questions. The worksheet has five kinds of questions:

  1. antonyms
  2. synonyms
  3. homophones
  4. definitions
  5. unscramble the letters

2 What did we do last week? (5)

  • started book report project
  • textbook to build vocabulary 
  • understand difference between fluency and acuracy
  • fluency drill (review easy verbs in past tense)
  • shadowing activity to improve listening skills
  • 6 verb tenses

3 What will we do this week? (1)

  • look at book report requirements
  • fluency drill
  • shadowing and listening
  • drill 6 verb tenses Q &A again
  • textbook

4 Introduction to Book Report (10)

The ability to take a long story and turn it into a short story is an amazing skill. It is also a critical thinking skill.

It’s an important for students to learn, so let’s spend some time learning and practicing this skill by writing a book report.

 5 Textbook, page 5 #3 listening (15)

People I admire

  • read questions and check understanding
  • listen once and fill in blanks
  • listen again

Extension: ask partner the same questions

6 Textbook, page 10 (10)

  • complete word review exercises


Hour 2

1 Textbook, page 6 CA (15)

In this activity, we practice reading and listening.   Notice the word ALWAYS. It is used to describe a habit.

Step 1 Read

  • read story
  • circle any words you don’t know
  • check words in dictionary
  • check answers with class

Step 2 Read While Listening (RWL)

  • students listen to sound file one time and read at the same time

Step 3 Pair Work Shadowing

  • listen and shadow (whispering)

2 How to be successful? (10)

I’ve always wanted to …..

The purpose of this exercise is to discover the secret to achieving a dream. 

  • students think of one successful person
  • Teacher asks for a few examples
  • Teacher asks students to think of why that person became successful
  • build list on white board
  • without being obvious, write list so that attitudinal features are on one side and others (such as luck) are on the other
  • in the end, ask students to summarize the list
  • it will probably contain mostly words that relate to character (i.e. choice or mental toughness) rather than uncontrollable elements (e.g. luck).
  • draw conclusion – success comes from a strong mental attitude – you have to want it, over come barriers and take action.

3 Puzzles and Words (15)

Hour 3

1 Which one is better? (10)

This is a critical activity that asks students to make a choice with a logical reason. No emotions are allowed in this exercise.

How to describe which is better?

  • think about cost, quantity, quality, taste, health, comfort, atmosphere, meaning
  1. cats or dogs
  2. ice cream or sulbing
  3. books or computers
  4. rice or bread
  5. McDonald’s or Lotteria
  6. spicy rice cake or pajeon
  7. coffee or green tea
  8. roasted chestnuts or warm sweet potato 

2 Fluency Drill (10)

Let’s do our second fluency drill activity. it;s the same as last week, but this time we use different verbs.

  • Look at the chart of verbs. We will do the second line this week.

3 Verb Tense Drill (20)

Review Verb tenses from last week

  • Complete Drill 3 exercise with partner.
  • Write Q&A with picture prompt.


4 Textbook page 9 #2 (10)

  • listen to stories and match names
  • listen again and write down 3 fact about each person

Homework (1)

  • book report





2 Textbook, page 18 (10)

This activity gives students a chance to practice quick reading and summary making skills.

  • students work in pairs
  • each student picks one story from page 18
  • give 2 minutes to read the story
  • give 3 minutes to make notes with the summary template
  • one student talks to partner and summarizes story
  • partner asks follow up questions
  • switch roles 

3 Textbook, page 19 2A and 2B (10)

Here is a chance to practice listening skills.

  • students listen to a story about Suzanne and her trip to New Zealand
  • check picture order while listening
  • listen again and answer questions in 2 B

4 Textbook, page 20 #1 (5)

Here is a chance to review some grammar.

  • fill in the blanks
  • write the correct verb form
  • base – simple past tense – past participle
  • check together or partner

5 Textbook, page 20 #2 (5)

Here is a chance to review some grammar as a speaking activity

  • Partner A says one verb
  • Partner B must say the other 2 verb forms (simple past past participle) as fast as possible
  • base – simple paste tense – past participle


2 Textbook, page 13 2 (10)

This activity helps students understand a useful grammar point: present perfect. 

Present perfect construction: have + PP (past participle)

  • review pink box
  • talk about regular and irregular verbs
  • students fill in blanks
  • check answers

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