ESL Activities: Quick Vocabulary Exercise

This two-minute ESL activity is a short reading and vocabulary exercise with a surprise ending.


  1. Read the clues below with your students.
  2. Choose one person from the three patients.
  3. Look at the pictures.

Least Preferred Patient Test

You have a job interview with a local hospital. The hospital helps many kinds of people but it is famous for doctors who are good at helping old people.

In the interview, you have a test. Here are three 3. Read the information. Choose one person you would not like to take care of.

1. Patient B. R.

B. R. is kind and gentle. She does not talk much. She is friendly. She looks good and is independent. She asks about the nurse’s family and sleeps well at night.

2. Patient S. T.

S. T. is sometimes angry and likes to complain. He is does not look good. He needs help walking, but he can feed himself. He sleeps, but not a lot.

3. Patient J. T.

J. T. needs a lot of attention. He cries a lot. He can’t walk or talk. He needs someone to help him clean his clothes because he can’t go to the bathroom by himself. He is almost bald. He wakes up a lot at night.

ESL Lesson Pictures

Open the pdf file to see the patients.

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