ESL Writing Lesson: Analyze a Concept

This is a different writing lesson. It does not teach how to write a paragraph. Instead, this ESL writing lesson teaches English students a framework to analyze an idea.

I have used this framework in an advanced English conversation class. Now I am taking the same learning model and using it in a composition class.

ESL Writing Activity: Group Intelligence

The writing activity has four parts.

  1. Make a small group with 2 or three people.
  2. Choose a topic.
  3. Discuss the questions and answers together. Help each other find the answers.
  4. When the group has made answers for each question, each person writes their own assignment.

Analyze a Concept

Below is the framework which students follow when discussing answers and writing their compositions.

This writing project begins with a key concept. The concept might be vague or specific. Globalization is a concept that worked well in my classes. Many students have heard the word but struggle to show an understanding of the word.

Here are the four steps

  1. Start. Choose an appropriate concept.
  2. Define. Explain the meaning of the concept in a few sentences. Provide examples.
  3. Measure. Describe different ways to measure the concept.
  4. Evaluate. List the good points and bad points.

I have tried this exercise in several classes with positive results. It helps the students develop a deep understanding of the concept in the lesson.

It also teaches ESL students a framework for analyzing any idea. This approach can be used equally well for oral presentations and compositions.

The groups discussion component of the lesson is also effective. Students work through the problems together, which means everybody has a basic understanding of the answers.

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