ESL Writing Lesson: Feedback and Progress

The ESL students completed a one paragraph writing assignment. It was a creative writing exercise. That exercise was explained here. I am really proud of the students.

They are making great progress in paragraph development, word choice and use of clear topic sentences.

ESL Student Writing

The students did a great job with the their English writing. Here are a few sample sentences.

  • I can only hear the sound of a breaking cup.
  • The coffee is like sand. I can’t taste anything.
  • The color of coffee makes me lonely.
  • I look around the coffee shop. All the people are smiling and laughing with each other except me.
  • There is no one beside me. I am alone.
  • The man told me that my mother had died in a car crash. Imagine how I feel? Is the dinner still delicious?

Explaining Key Concepts

Here is a writing assignment to help ESL students organize complex ideas.

This task helps students explain in a complex idea in detail. This can be a great challenge because students don’t know how to start or where to finish.

So I developed a framework, or model, to help students organize ideas based on information flow.

That model is here: ESL writing lesson by analyzing.


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