ESL Writing Lesson: Paraphrase and Vocabulary

This ESL writing lesson is has two sections. First, the students will finish the first paraphrase writing worksheets which we started last week. That exercise used synonyms to paraphrase sentences.

While working on the first few questions of that worksheet, I noticed the students had a hard time. At that time, I noticed the students struggled with the questions because they did not have enough vocabulary. So, I will use the paraphrase exercises to build up the students word skills.

Paraphrase Writing Lesson

The first paraphrase writing worksheet (from last week’s lesson) is here.

The second paraphrase writing lesson teaches students how to see and write active and passive sentences. That lesson is here: paraphrase writing passive sentences.

Short Writing Project

This short writing lesson is much harder than it looks. The task is to write a one paragraph story which is filled with emotion. But, and this is the hard part, the student cannot say what the emotion is. I found this writing project on a website by a writing teacher. I have changed some parts to make it a little easier for ESL students.

Here is the project.

A mother (or father) is sitting in a coffee shop. She was talking on the phone. Someone told her that her husband had just died in a car crash. Pretend you are that person. Describe what you see, what you hear, what you feel. How are the smells, the sounds? What does the coffee taste like?

Your job is describe how the person sees the world now that she has heard some very bad news.  Basically, how emotion changes the way a person sees the world.

Do all this in one paragraph.



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