Learn English Speaking, Quiz 1

English students can prepare for quiz 1 by reviewing and answering these questions.

The quiz will use some of the questions, not all of them. The questions on the quiz will be random so I suggest you study all of these questions.

Quiz Questions – Study Guide (pdf file)

1.       Write six pairs of homophones.

2.       Write six verbs with two syllables.

3.       Write four words with a silent b.

4.       Write ten collocations from the video Symmetry (link on my website, Lesson 4). Here are suggested answers for the Symmetry video.

5.       Write the names of three vegetables with double consonants.

6.       Know the words on the worksheet “Build Compound Words” (Lesson 3 on my website)

7.       From the textbook (page 70), write five sentences to hedge an idea.

8.       Write a few words to show the meaning of these words/phrases:

  • wrist   joint   organ
  • yawn   whistle   lettuce
  • bowl  cough   syllable
  • chaos   janitor   sneeze
  • radish   voluntary action   synonym
  • settle down    get along with   hang out
  • work out   break up   strict
  • annoying   serious about    ignore



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