Learn English Speaking, 2

Learn English Speaking, 2


Here is the plan for this week’s English conversation class.

  1. develop reading and speaking skills by completing textbook chapters 7a and b (next week 7c and d);
  2. develop critical thinking and communication skills by solving a small group mystery;
  3. improve vocabulary by reviewing words in pair work exercise (handout from teacher)
  4. solve problems and build vocabulary with a word puzzle sheet (download optional)
  5. check your vocabulary

Extra Material

  • ESL students can practice listening with sound files that match the class textbook: here.
  • Did you miss the syllabus, here it is: pdf file


  1. homophone     wrist     joint
  2. organ     yawn     whistle
  3. lettuce     bowl     cough
  4. syllable     chaos     janitor
  5. sneeze     radish     pupil
  6. voluntary action     synonym     leaf
  7. bean     soy milk


Murder Mystery and Critical Thinking Skills

In this English exercise, you and your partner will try to solve a murder mystery.

Introduction to Murder Mystery 1: Queenie

Task 1: The Facts

  • Look at this picture of the crime scene.
  • The story is about a woman named Queenie and her husband Arthur.
  • Yesterday, Queenie and her husband Arthur had an argument. She left her house and drove away. Later she met her friends in a bar. Arthur went to a different bar to meet his friends.
  • Queenie said she left the bar about 1am and invited friends to come to her house to have one more drink.
  • Queenie said she arrived at her home at 1:30 am. Her friends got to her house about 10 minutes later, about 1:40 am.
  • When the friends arrived, Queenie opened the door and looked shocked. She said, “Something terrible happened. Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink—he still had the glass in his hand—and I think he’s dead. Oh, my God—what shall I do?”
  • Later, the police checked Arthur’s body. The police report said two things: 1) Arthur had died from a wound on the head and 2) that Arthur was drunk when he died.

Task 2: Your Tasks

You have to do two things.

  1. Look at the picture and decide what really happened.
  2. Then you have to decide if Queenie is telling the truth. You will make that decision by looking at evidence and making good conclusions, not guessing.

Look at the picture of the crime scene This has lots of information but not all of it is useful. You need to find the useful information (evidence) and use that to create an argument that tells us if Queenie is innocent or guilty. In class, we will practice one when to use evidence to build an argument.


Introduction to Murder Mystery 2: Dead at Dinner

Here is a second murder mystery. The students’ job is the same: solve the murder but the crime scene is different.

Task 1: The Facts

  • Look at this picture of the restaurant crime scene.
  • On Thursday evening, the police heard a gunshot inside Ernie’s Lunchroom. The police ran into the restaurant and found a crime scene. They took a picture.
  • The police found the dead body of body of a famous gangster called Fannin.
  • Ernie, who is both the owner and only employee, said this: “The murderer leaned against the wall while firing his gun at Fannin. There is a handprint on the wall.
  • The last number on the cash register was $8.75.

Task 2: Your Task

One of the people inside the restaurant killed Fannin. You have to find the killer with evidence and conclusions.





The image in this post comes from Thanh Mai Bui Duy and its use complies with the owner’s creative commons licensing terms.

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