Learn English Writing, 2

Learn English Writing, 2

Work Plan – Week 2

  1. learn how to write arguments based on evidence and logic;
  2. write second draft of the 15-minute writing exercise (your wrote the first draft last week);
  3. practice editing with some error correction exercises proofreading exercise 1;
  4. review answers from writing textbook – chapter 1;
  5. did you miss see syllabus (or pdf file)?


Writing Arguments

An argument is an idea that is presented with evidence, conclusions and logic. Arguments are used many kinds of writing, especially business reports, memos and even emails. Knowing how to write a good argument will greatly help you present clear ideas based on facts.

Please note that writing arguments is a little different from writing persuasive essays. Usually, in a persuasive essay, you are asked to write a thesis sentence with your main idea and then add some evidence to support that idea. Usually, there is some kind of emotion (e.g. oh I like this best) and not much logic. This is how some people write essays for standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

This style of writing – idea first and then look at the facts plus emotions and no logic – is kind of backwards, and not very common in the world of good writing. Usually, people look at the information first, find a problem or question, then collect evidence and then use logic to create and explain their main idea. This is the way police investigate a crime (do you watch those American CSI shows?).

Benefits for the Students

Why will we study this? When you learn how to write an argument in this way, your writing will be clear, easy to understand and believable. In addition, this style of writing will help you create knowledge. There are lots of people who know many things. But if you do not know how to create knowledge through arguments, we will not be able to progress and get better. We will have data but we won’t know how to use the information.


To start learning how to create arguments, we will solve a murder mystery. This will help the students develop the ideas and structure of a good argument.

At the end of the murder mystery, you will write a report which includes the evidence you collected, the logic rules and the conclusions. In the end you have to decide if one person is telling the truth or not.




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