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Good teaching helps students paint pictures with words.


This picture reminds me that good teaching helps students paint pictures with words. It moves students to tell stories.  Even low level students can produce marvelous work with the right feedback and support.

Teachers also need support. To that end, here are a few writing ideas, lessons and activities. Maybe good teachers can kind something useful to help their students create something marvelous.

  1. This post highlights a vocabulary game from Merriam-Webster.
  2. Three short writing activities, good ice breakers of quickies for students who finish other assignments early.
  3. A quick primer on the difference between made of and made from.
  4. Looking for an interesting video to stimulate discussion and opinion essays? This is a thought provoking video, great for high intermediate level students and up.
  5. Need a quick food lesson? Students watch the video and write down the names of the food in the video. Good fun 15 minute activity.
  6. This writing activity demands some imaginative thing – compare two different things – and helps develop the students’ writing style.
  7. An advanced writing lesson that asks students to write hypotheses based on an informative video.


Try these links to other writing ideas.

  1. a list poem
  2. 100 word stories
  3. an article about how to write a sentence from the New York Times
  4. how does writing affect the brain
  5. a short story about learning and forgetting



The image in this post comes from Hartwig HKD and its use complies with the owner’s creative commons licensing terms.



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