ESL English Writing Lessons: Week 12 (part 2)

Here is another lesson to help ESL students learn English writing. This lesson continues from the last.


Compare means you talk about things that are similar. Contrast means find the differences.

In this writing assignment, you will write a compare and contrast message. There are two ways to compare things in paragraphs.

  1. block method
  2. point by point

In the block method, you write about things that are the same and use a different paragraph for a different topic.

Point by point means you compare and contrast two things in the same paragraph.

This worksheet (page 2) explains a little better with an example.

This reading worksheet has two passages with examples of the block method and point by point method.


Here is what you will do in this part of the writing lesson. You will write a long email message with these things:

  1. a thesis sentence to quickly summarize the contents of the email message;
  2. a summary to give the reader the most important information;
  3. a compare and contrast paragraph structure to present a lot of information in a clear style;
  4. an email structure that allows the reader to scan the message quickly;
  5. a properly formatted email structure.

What to do.

  1. Read this email message (see below). Is the message a request or is it giving something?
  2. Look at the data sheet. Find the information needed to write a reply message.
  3. Decide what paragraph structure you will use.
  4. Write the message. Don’t forget to include all parts of an email message.


Here is the email message you your received at your company.


My name is Rob Whyte and I am interested in purchasing some desk top printers for my company. I need 10 monochrome laser printers. I understand that your company sells two types of printers: the Samsung ML-1865W and the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w. I am not sure which one would be best for my company.

Can you help me?

Could you please describe the benefits of each printer and recommend one to me. I know these printers are similar but I can’t decide which one is best. I am most concerned about printer speed, resolution, price and reliability.

If you send me your analysis and recommendations by Friday, my office will be able to make a decision early next week.

Thank you for your attention.


Rob Whyte

Office Manager

ABC Company

Busan, Korea




If we have time, here are a few more paragraph to practice paragraph editing.









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