Learn University Rankings

Have you seen the world university rankings?

Here in Korea, there is great interest in university rankings.

Going to a top ranked university in Korea means a lot. The best schools provide the best job opportunities, pay and promotions. The difference between a top school and an average or low level university – in terms of future income – is big.

So, I was interested in a new report. It ranks world universities. The rankings are supposed to be based on a lot of factors. The report is supposed to be one of the best ever made.

Learn English Writing and Attend the Best Universities

Many ESL students have a dream. They want to go to a Western school. Maybe Harvard or Oxford? It’s possible if you study well. You also have to learn how to write an English essay and get a good TOEFL or IELTS score. Without good research and writing skills, going to your dream school will be difficult.

It does not matter if you are super smart. If you can’t write sentences and paragraphs properly, the dream may be dead.

So what’s the lesson? Learn how to write awesome essays and perhaps you can attend a top university.

Top World Universities

Here are the top 100 schools around the world. Most are from the USA and England. If you want to see the top 200, here is the link.

BTW, I graduated from number 17 on the list. Hmm.

1 Harvard University
2 California Institute of Technology
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Stanford University
5 Princeton University
6 University of Oxford
6 University of Cambridge
8 University of California Berkeley
9 Imperial College London
10 Yale University
11 University of California Los Angeles
12 University of Chicago
13 Johns Hopkins University
14 Cornell University
15 University of Michigan
15 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
17 University of Toronto
18 Columbia University
19 University of Pennsylvania
20 Carnegie Mellon University
21 University of Hong Kong
22 University College London
23 University of Washington
24 Duke University
25 Northwestern University
26 University of Tokyo
27 Georgia Institute of Technology
28 Pohang University of Science and Technology
29 University of California Santa Barbara
30 University of North Carolina
30 University of British Columbia
32 University of California San Diego
33 University of Illinois – Urbana
34 National University of Singapore
35 McGill University
36 University of Melbourne
37 Peking University
38 Washington University Saint Louis
39 Ecole Polytechnic
40 University of Edinburgh
41 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
42 Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
43 University of Wisconsin
43 Karolinska Institute Sweden
43 University of Göttingen
43 Australian National University
47 Rice University
48 École Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne
49 University of California Irvine
49 University of Science and Technology of China
51 Vanderbilt University
52 University of Minnesota
53 Tufts University
54 University of California Davis
55 Brown University
56 University of Massachusetts
57 Kyoto University
58 Tsinghua University
59 Boston University
60 New York University
61 Emory University
61 University of Munich
63 University of Notre Dame
64 University of Pittsburgh
65 Case Western Reserve University
66 Ohio State University
67 University of Colorado
68 Yeshiva University
68 University of California Santa Cruz
68 University of Bristol
71 University of Sydney
72 University of Virginia
73 University of Southern California
73 University of Adelaide
75 William & Mary
76 Trinity College Dublin
77 King’s College London
78 Stony Brook University
79 University of Sussex
79 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
81 University of York
81 University of Queensland
83 University of Utah
83 Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
85 Durham University
86 London School of Economics and Political Science
87 University of Manchester
88 Royal Holloway, University of London
89 Lund University Sweden
90 Wake Forest University
90 University of Southampton
90 University of Zurich
93 McMaster University
94 University College Dublin
95 University of Arizona
95 George Washington University
95 University of Basel
98 University of Maryland College Park
99 Dartmouth College
100 ENS De Lyon

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