Writing With an Engine

Here is a writing style tip that helps ESL students write well.

This style tip is about engines and comes from Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer.


Part 1

An engine is a source of energy that keeps something moving. In writing, the engine is a question which the reader finds interesting. Because the reader wants to know the answer, he or she will keep reading to the end.

What are some common questions that give stories an engine?

  • Who did it?
  • Guilty or not guilty?
  • Who will win the race?
  • Which man will she marry?
  • Will the hero escape or die?

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Learn English Writing: Getting Creative With Paragraphs

For the past week, the ESL students have learned how to write English paragraphs by reading statistical data. The English students then took those separate paragraphs and created a five paragraph essay. That was hard work.

Most students did a great job. All of the students showed me their writing is getting better.

Review of Student Writing

The purpose of the last ESL writing lesson was to write a five paragraph essay.

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ESL Vocabulary Activities – Flashcards

Learning how to spell lots of new words can be a long, slow process for ESL students.

So, I’m trying a new technique.  It’s flashcard learning from Quizlet. This lesson is for my advanced level students. It’s new for me. I will wait to see if the results are good.

Here is a link to the first set of flashcards. 15 words for this week’s homework.

Here is what to do.

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Learn University Rankings

Have you seen the world university rankings?

Here in Korea, there is great interest in university rankings.

Going to a top ranked university in Korea means a lot. The best schools provide the best job opportunities, pay and promotions. The difference between a top school and an average or low level university – in terms of future income – is big.

So, I was interested in a new

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