Politics, Week 13

Topic: Political Executive and Leadership

  1. Chapter 13 presentation (Monday)
  2. Quiz #2 (Thursday)


  • Week 14:  Return quizzes and review
  • Week 15:  Reading week (no class)
  • Week 16:  Final exam



  1. Bicameral
  2. Cabinet secretary
  3. House of Representatives
  4. Head of state
  5. Obamacare
  6. FEMA
  7. Bureaucracy
  8. Patronage
  9. Impeachment
  10. House of Commons


  1. Name and describe the three main branches of government.
  2. Name the two houses of the US congress. Name two houses of the UK parliament.
  3. Describe two ways in which the US Supreme Court had a big impact on society.
  4. In the US, what does “the administration” refer to?
  5. Name and describe the three layers of advisors to the US president.
  6. Describe five functions of executive leaders.
  7. Describe five executive differences between US presidential and parliamentary systems.


  1. This website has information about the US House of Representatives.
  2. This website has information about t the US court system.
  3. More information about President Obama’s cabinet.
  4. A short but useful story about Obama Care here and here.
  5. Useful information about UK politics and government.
  6. a podcast and story about the US Supreme Court decision that gave corporations rights to spend money during an election.

US Supreme Court decisions

  1. 2015 confirms same sex marriage is a right.
  2. 2010 decides companies are like people in terms of election spending
  3. 1973 confirms women’s right to an abortion in Roe v Wade
  4. 1967 banned laws that prohibited interracial marriage
  5. 1954 banned racial segregation in public schools

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