ESL Writing – Country Comparison

This ESL writing lesson will help English students learn and develop their business writing skills.

In this writing assignment, the students will learn how to read statistical data and write a comparison of two countries. The hard part of this work is to decide how to compare and contrast the data.

Business Writing Assignment

There are two writing tasks.

First, write a comparison of two countries in a letter format. You will probably want to use at least two paragraphs for this writing task.

Second, write a comparison using an email format. Think carefully about how you will make the comparison and how to present the information.

Here is the link for the statistical data for Korea and Australia. These data come from the OECD: OECD-country-data.

Good luck.

ESL Writing – Email Lesson Notes

Today’s English lesson and homework is about writing an email. Specifically, the lesson is learning the rules to write a proper business email with good etiquette.

Email Writing Lesson

As promised, here are the presentation notes:email-lesson. Maybe these will help you complete your email writing assignment.

Remember the writing assignment:

  • write an English mail to a local government office: city, county or province;
  • send your email to the local tourism department (if there is one);
  • send an email to the government office and c.c. my email account as well
  • in the email, explain why you are writing;
  • ask four questions;
  • use the 7 rules for email writing which we discussed in class;
  • when you receive an answer from the government office, forward that email to my email address.

You will want to write full and proper questions asking about:

  • festivals in July and August
  • best places to visit
  • where to get maps and brochures
  • locations of tourist booths with English speaking staff

Good luck.

10 Rules for Business Emails

Can you write a business email? It’s an important job skill if your company has international customers. An email message – with no mistakes – says you are a pro. You are believable.

Learn the 10 rules for writing business emails. Learn from other people’s mistakes. Start writing like a business professional.

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