High School Class

Hi welcome to our short English class. I hope you learn a few English words and make time to learn a fe sentences to help your speaking ability.

Learn English: Australia Trivia



Learn English: Vocabulary Exercises

This worksheet has some vocabulary exercises to help high school students learn English words and phrases, as well as pronunciation.


Hobbies Spelling Quizlet

Here is another vocabulary list for my beginner ESL class. Remember, this English spelling activity is a self-study exercise.

There are two exercises. Click the link below. Look at the pictures. Say the words. Next, click the blue LEARN button and type the words.

This ESL vocabulary activity will hep you learn 15 words and how to spell the words.

Good luck.

Explain Puzzles

Here are two pages of conversation worksheets. This is a pair work speaking exercise.

  1. The first page is about making questions and answers with superlatives.
  2. The second page has some brain teaser puzzles.

Read the puzzles. Explain the answers.

Remember the key point is not to find the answer. The main idea of this fluency exercise is to explain the answer. In English.

Download the ESL conversation conversation and puzzle activities here: puzzle-worksheet.