ESL Listening – Focus

Here is a listening lesson with a video by Ari Kruger. It’s a story about how relationships between men and women start, become great and then fall apart.

Watch and listen to the video. Then answer the listening comprehension questions to help build your listening and writing skills.

Listening Comprehension

Here are the comprehension questions to improve your English listening skills. Download the lesson worksheet here: esl-listening-skills-questions.

  1. Where did they meet?
  2. What are the four steps that lead to two people falling in love?
  3. What did he notice about the girl?
  4. What happens when the guy wants to talk about the problem?
  5. Why did she leave him?
  6. When she leaves, what 3 things does the man do?
  7. Where do they meet again?
  8. What happens when they meet?
  9. Who is to blame for the breakup?
  10. Why does the title Focus mean?
  11. Why does the video director put some things out of focus?
  12. In the end, the narrator says, “You question your focus.” What does that mean?

Writing Hypothesis Sentences

world history map

Some English students have a hard time expressing complex ideas in short sentences. They don’t know how to summarize or synthesize information. This short lesson helps students overcome that barrier by teaching them how to construct a hypothesis with an easy to learn sentence pattern. 

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Helen Keller Video

Helen Keller is quite famous here in Korea. I often wonder why. Perhaps they admire her spirit. Here is a video with that famous woman and her companion, Anne Sullivan. A rare treat.

I included this video, in part, as an inspiration to all of my students. Helen Keller had to overcome a difficult life. Yet, she wrote and published 12 books. If she could do that, then my students should be able to write an essay, a poem or a letter. Heck, you should be able to write a few sentences in the comments box below.

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Video Lesson: Creativity

What is creative thinking?

This is an important question for teachers everywhere. It is also important for ESL students who want to learn English writing.

Why is creativity important? Watch the video and download the worksheet to learn the answers.

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