Occupy Wall Street – Street Level

We have heard about Occupy Wall Street. But what is really happening?

This video posted on Vimeo gives us a street side view of the events and the people trying to keep the protest alive.

Watch the video. Answer the questions.

  1. Describe some of the daily life activities that you saw.
  2. Make a list of the verbs that you see in action.
  3. Why are people protesting on the street?
  4. Summarize the story.

Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.

ESL Video Lesson: Howl

Here is an ESL video lesson that uses animation to build vocabulary and fluency skills. It’s a four-part ESL activity.

The video is called Howl. It was made by students who graduated from Bezalel academy of Art and Design in Israel.

Howl from Natalie Bettelheim on Vimeo.

Howl from Natalie Bettelheim on Vimeo.

1. Key Vocabulary

ESL Listening – UFO Sightings

Do you believe in UFOs?

This ESL listening lesson explores the idea of aliens and their travels to Earth.

ESL Listening Lessons

The listening lesson begins with a video from History.com called, UFO Sightings: Kenneth Arnold.

First, download the listening worksheet here: ufo-sightings. Check the vocabulary words and phrases. Then watch and listen to the video.

Listening Comprehension Questions

Comprehension Questions

  1. In the video, what is ‘a sighting’?
  2. Describe Kenneth Arnold.
  3. In what US state does this story take place?
  4. How fast were the objects flying?
  5. What were the approximate dimensions of the flying objects?
  6. Did journalists believe Ken’s story?
  7. What nickname did the newspapers give to the flying objects?
  8. What happened to Ken after spotting the flying objects?
  9. The press called him, The man who started it all.  Started what?
  10. Summarize this story.