ESL Intermediate Conversation – Week 11

Last week was a short week for the ESL students because of two national holidays.

This week, we will be building English fluency skills with

  1. reading and summarizing exercises
  2. a new vocabulary game
  3. a logical thinking puzzle worksheet
  4. facts about reading


The Importance of Reading

Click to read a few facts about reading.




Food Spelling – Quiz

Learning vocabulary is really important for ESL students. But it can also be a little boring.

So I want to try a new learning program. This ESL vocabulary activity is called Quizelt.

It works like this. Click the link below. You will go to a page with many buttons.

The first quiz has pictures and hints. Say the name of the word. Click the picture to see the word. Click the arrow to see the next picture.

The second quiz is spelling. Click the LEARN button. Now you will see the same pictures Type the word.