ESL Vocabulary – Parts of Things

This ESL vocabulary worksheet teaches English students the names of everyday things. Actually, this English lesson teaches the parts of things. For example, a leg is part of a table.

ESL Worksheet and Lesson

Students begin by matching the names smaller things with larger objects. There is a second page with pictures that provides hints.

Next, students make questions and answer to describe the location of these things. This is an extension of the textbook which teaches prepositions.

Dowload the worksheet here: ESL-objects-worksheet-lesson.

ESL Speaking – Silent B

This worksheet helps ESL students learn words with a silent b. Some students have trouble pronouncing these words. The word ‘debt’ is one example.

ESL Worksheet

The worksheet has two parts. First, make a list of words with a silent b. Second, fill in the blanks with words that also have a silent b.

Download the worksheet here: ESL-silent-letter-worksheet.

Learn English Pronunciation (f sound)

This ESL conversation lesson teaches English students how to hear, see and pronounce the F sound. In this English lesson, students write words that have a /gh/ spelling but the sound is like an /f/.

Here is an example: phone. Can you think of 30 words that have a /gh/ that sounds like /f/?

Download the worksheet and follow the instructions. Here is the worksheet: ESL-conversation-lesson-f-sound.