English Writing Lessons: Week 12

Last week, our ESL writing class focused on summary writing. We also did an exercise where the students had to combine two different summaries into one story.


The purpose of this exercise was to find a common theme between the two video stories. It was an exercise to describe how two things are the same. In the class I never used the word COMPARE. I wanted you to figure that out for yourself. Most of you did that very well.

Most students found at least one common theme, which might be related to freedom, death, challenge. One person thought the theme was reaching, another

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ESL Writing Lesson: Creative Writing

A short time ago, an ESL student asked me an interesting question. She asked, “How can I get creative ideas?”

This writing lesson is one answer to that question. This ESL writing activity helps English students learn a process to produce creative ideas.

ESL Creative Writing Activity

This is a three-part writing exercise. By the end of this writing activity, you should have one or two well written

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