ESL Writing Lesson: Feedback and Progress

The ESL students completed a one paragraph writing assignment. It was a creative writing exercise. That exercise was explained here. I am really proud of the students.

They are making great progress in paragraph development, word choice and use of clear topic sentences.

ESL Student Writing

The students did a great job with the their English writing. Here are a few sample sentences.

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ESL Writing Lesson: Analyze a Concept

This is a different writing lesson. It does not teach how to write a paragraph. Instead, this ESL writing lesson teaches English students a framework to analyze an idea.

I have used this framework in an advanced English conversation class. Now I am taking the same learning model and using it in a composition class.

ESL Writing Activity: Group Intelligence

The writing activity has four parts.

  1. Make a small group with 2 or three people.
  2. Choose a topic.
  3. Discuss the questions and answers together. Help each other find the answers.
  4. When the group has made answers for each question, each person writes their own assignment.

Analyze a Concept

Below is the framework which students follow when discussing answers and writing their compositions.

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ESL Writing Lesson: Paraphrase and Vocabulary

This ESL writing lesson is has two sections. First, the students will finish the first paraphrase writing worksheets which we started last week. That exercise used synonyms to paraphrase sentences.

While working on the first few questions of that worksheet, I noticed the students had a hard time. At that time, I noticed the students struggled with the questions because they did not have enough vocabulary.

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