ESL Writing – Some and Any

Learning how to organize a paragraph is a difficult skill to learn for ESL students. This PowerPoint presentation provides a simple but clear picture of how to write an eight sentence paragraph.

This writing activity is also a short grammar lesson in how to use determiners like some and any in questions and sentences.

Paragraph Writing

This presentation shows students the basic structure of a paragraph. The topic of this lesson is snack food.

Download the presentation here: paragraph-writing-ppt.

ESL Writing – Exam Review

In today’s class, ESL students will review the answers for the Writing mid-term exam which we completed near the end of April.

ESL Writing Exam Summary

Most students did quite well. Generally, the class continued to show uncertainty about:

  • the correct use of articles
  • key writing tools (e.g. conjunctions, adjectives and the like)
  • mastery of basic vocabulary

Don’t be discouraged. Learning how to write is a long-term process. Keep working at it.

Download the mid-term exam worksheet here: PUFS-writing-exam.