ESL Writing Lessons: Final Exam Review


Part 1: What did we do?

In our class, we have practiced six main kinds of writing:

  1. Clear, organized paragraphs
  2. A main idea with a thesis sentence and supporting sentences
  3. Summaries
  4. Descriptions of a place with details that talk about the senses
  5. Paragraphs that compare and contrast two things
  6. Email structure

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ESL Speaking Lesson: Final Exam Review Questions

My ESL English students need to prepare for their final exam by learning and reviewing vocabulary,  grammar rules, exercises, worksheets and speaking topics.

ESL English Exam Questions

The final exam for the conversation class is a speaking test.

Part one of the exam be found here: esl-conversation-questions.

Part 2 of the study questions is below.

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ESL Writing – Exam Review

In today’s class, ESL students will review the answers for the Writing mid-term exam which we completed near the end of April.

ESL Writing Exam Summary

Most students did quite well. Generally, the class continued to show uncertainty about:

  • the correct use of articles
  • key writing tools (e.g. conjunctions, adjectives and the like)
  • mastery of basic vocabulary

Don’t be discouraged. Learning how to write is a long-term process. Keep working at it.

Download the mid-term exam worksheet here: PUFS-writing-exam.