A Quick Lesson About English Words

Here is a quick lesson about words in the English language.

The New General Service List (2013)

This is a list of about 2800 words. All ESL students need to learn these words. These are the most important words in the English language when you measure how often they are used in daily life. These words represent about 90% of all words that ESL students will find in books.

Get the General Service List from that link.

Sight Words

These are the words children will find in books as they

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Extensive Reading: How People Read

Here is a short lesson on how people read. From this information, I hope the trainees will develop an understanding about the habits of slow readers and the qualities of fast readers, and how ER helps ESL students improve reading.


When people read a line of text, the eyes rarely move straight across in a straight line. Usually, the eyes move in three different ways.


When reading a line of text, your eyes move in a series of quick jumps. This jumpy movement is

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City Hall Class ER Update

This semester the city hall trainees are learning about extensive reading. So far in the extensive reading we have completed a number of tasks.

Week 1 Reading Class

Introduce extensive reading. Reading level test with Edinburgh Project on Extensive Reading test. Select first graded reading book.

More sustained silent reading (SSR). Trainees were given a recording sheet to track the number of pages read.

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