Adjectives with ED and ING

Making sentences with the correct adjective form is hard for ESL students. When do we use ED and when do we say ING? In this English lesson, we will review the grammar rules and practice how to use these forms properly.

Grammar Lesson

Here are the basic notes for this English speaking lesson about adjectives. Read the notes or download the pdf file here: grammar-rules-adjectives.

  • Wrong:     I was boring in Rob’s English class.
  • Right:        I was bored in Rob’s English class.

What do these sentences mean?

  • Rob is bored.
  • Rob is boring.
  • Your English speaking skills are amazing.
  • I am amazed by your English speaking skills.

Grammar Rule

  1. Person who feels: ed
  2. Thing that gives the feeling: ING
  • Me – ED
  • Thing – ING

Useful Verbs – Adjectives

  1. Amaze
  2. Annoy
  3. Bore
  4. Confuse
  5. Disappoint
  6. Embarrass
  7. Excite
  8. Frighten
  9. Interest
  10. Shock

ESL Writing Lesson – Make a Story

In this ESL writing lesson, students will be asked to write a story that matches a group of pictures. For this English lesson, students will use the the double past tense sentence pattern we studied in class.

Students will also use the writing tools and grammar rules we studied in English class. These include: apostrophes, articles, prepositional phrases, conjunctions and gerunds.

Click here to download the English writing worksheet: ESL-writing-prompts.